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    I saw Dr. Edwards regarding elbow pain in my right arm. She doesn't take my insurance but she came so highly recommended by people that I trust in the medical field that I went to see her for an opinion anyway. Since I need my arm for work and my livelihood depends on it I wanted to hear from the best. She was extremely knowledgable, attentive, kind, pleasant and funny. I dealt only with her, no residents or PTs which I appreciated. Out of the three elbow specialist that I saw she did the most amount of physical examination, listening, answering questions and explaining. Everything she had to say made sense or else she would happily explain herself until it did. I felt totally relaxed and comfortable while talking to her which is highly unusual because this injury is causing me a great deal of stress since my livelihood depends on resolving it. She explained everything in great detail and was willing to hear out all that I had heard from other doctors and elbow specialists along the way and explain any inconsistencies or anything that I was unclear about. Her diagnosis was largely the same as the two other elbow specialists I saw and the proposed treatment was also the However, no other doctor had me leaving the office feeling as confident that this was the best option and why it was the best option. Thanks to her I feel psychologically prepared for an otherwise much scarier procedure and feel good about the success rate. If she took my insurance I would happily have her do the surgery. Since I cannot, she also helped me decide who the next best option was and I feel great about it. She said "I would let him operate on me". Well, he's my guy then. Go see her...she rocks!

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