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Enjoy the Weather; Avoid the Injury

As an orthopaedic surgeon, during the summer months I can always expect an increase in patients who have suffered injuries during athletic activities. After a long winter, Chicagoans love to enjoy the city’s many options for outdoor activities. Whether they are 12 or 80 years old, injuries happen across the board and can put a damper on anyone’s summer. While injuries range in severity, many of the most common sprains, dislocations, fractures, and tears may be prevented with a few easy safety measures.

My number one rule for avoiding injury during summer months is simple: slow and steady wins the race. While it is normal to want to dive right into physical activity, if you’ve taken the winter months off from exercise you need to ease back into it. Many of the injuries I see result from patients doing too much, too soon. Take gradual steps toward getting back to your previous workout level.

I also recommend proper stretching before and after a workout. Not doing so, or doing so improperly, can lead to injury. Stretching increases blood flow and flexibility within the muscles and promote agility during physical activity. Stretch slowly and wait until you feel a slight pull before releasing. Avoid jerking or thrusting your body forward when stretching. This can cause injury rather than help alleviate muscle tension.


Dr. Sara Edwards on Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football Live discussing Deshaun Watson's chest injury and Matt Breida's ankle sprain.

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